When you are engaged in an attractive project, you need a construction company that can understand and realize your intentions. Of course, this applies to all creative endeavors, but rich experience and broad knowledge are essential to make the world of images tangible. In the case of shop outlets and other commercial facilities, it is particularly crucial to manage and steer projects quickly and carefully through a host of constraints so that they progress properly.

In order to put projects on the path to success, D.Brain Co., Ltd. has always paid through attention to the key role of the peripheral operations involved in construction and has always handled projects by adopting an honest, sincere stance to meet a wide variety of client needs.
In the future as well, we intend to offer even more sophisticated services, centered primarily on the execution of construction projects.

Business Categories

Construction operations centered on commercial facilities, including the setting up of boutiques, restaurants, offices, galleries, showrooms, and events.

  • ▶Construction Coordination Operations
  • ・Pre-lease construction
  • ・Execution of exteriors and interiors
  • ・Maintenance
  • ▶Management Coordination Operations
  • ・Project management / Construction management
  • ・International projects / Local architects
  • ▶Metal Products, Technical Design & Production

Pre-Lease Construction

At the property selection stage, only superficial economic benefits are apt to be emphasized.However, merely considering the benefits of the project's potential as a business area or taking construction-focused views may not always lead to the best choice for the client. In regulations, facilities, structures, and other specialized areas, it is particularly essential to investigate and diagnose the characteristics of the property at the initial stage and to analyze its costeffectiveness.

We begin to make proposals limiting client risk from the stage of property selection.

Construction, Interior and Exterior

Ideally the execution of construction requires smooth communication between the client, designer, and the construction company. When responding to the various needs of clients and designers, the most important thing is to understand the intentions of the design and also to fathom the current situation. We achieve control of construction periods and costs by proposing construction materials and methods suited to the applicable conditions, after having given due consideration to design and onsite conditions. In addition, we propose alternatives that maintain the originally envisioned image if necessary.

We have much experience in meeting high demands from designers and clients, and our capitalizing on this experience has been extremely useful in boosting quality.


The execution of interior and exterior is much different from the mass-production of manufactured goods. It is subject to different constraints every time - constraints such as geographical location, surface area, type of industry, design, time, and budget. In a sense, it is prototyping.

Thus, there always will be problems that were not expected to occur after transfer and unpreventable events that require amelioration. Such issues are certain to occur. Our goal, however, is not just to carry out repairs and make quick fixes but to provide appropriate, dependable services by undertaking the following measures while keeping "prevention" uppermost in mind.

▶By establishing a dedicated maintenance section, we respond quickly and reliably to requests and enquiries from clients.

▶Our services do not end with the provision of emergency measures; instead, we uncover the causes of problems and deal with solutions.

▶We compile maintenance information at each site into a database and take advantage of it to control progress status and to prevent problems.It then can be useful in improving further execution through all members of the company share the information in real time.

Project management / Construction Management

We perform a wide range of management and coordination operations, including project management and construction management, and carry out integrated project management through completion in accordance with the intentions of the client. On behalf of clients in a wide range of businesses, we carry out total project planning and progress control from the selection of property, the setting up timetables, recommendation and coordination of designers, and the selection of specialized suppliers to budget control.

And by taking advantage of our extensive experience, we offer proposals that are most appropriate from a variety of approaches.

International Projects / Local Architects

The use of local architects is necessary when the client appoints a designer that is overseas.Beginning with coordination with the client, we convert technical terms, materials, regulations, and other standards into domestic standards in accordance with the design and handle projectrelated approval tasks.

In addition, we perform overall coordination to ensure smooth communication, including meetings with a broad range of specialized suppliers, control of on-site design, and attendance when locals visit Japan.


Metal Products, Technical Design & Production

The metal products we handle in general are varied such as curtain walls, door fittings, stairs, casts and monuments, regardless of interior or exterior design, which consists of special techniques and structures based on advanced design.

The more fascinating and unique design ideas come up from designers and clients, the more leading technology and skillful experience are required for those who embody the ideas.
We explore the idea thoroughly to understand how it can be shaped, focusing on the specialized metal work. We will respond consistently and promptly to provide technical support through all processes from the initial stage of design to on-site installation.

D.Brain will address to the strong desires of designers by making use of the experience and technology that we have cultivated so far. Even under various restrictions, we will keep on challenging and bring the best results.